Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 Spring Training TTM Auto Requests

Its Spring Training season and that means Baseball is right around the corner. It also means trying for TTM autographs!

Here is the list of people I sent to this year:

Grady Sizemore -- Returned SIGNED 3/29/11
Shin-Soo Choo
Joey Votto -- Returned SINGED 4/25/12 - (WOW, broke my record for longest return, 442 Days!!!)
Jay Bruce
Brandon Phillips
Ramon Hernandez -- Returned SIGNED 3/26/11
Edinson Volquez
Sam Lecure -- Returned SIGNED 4/05/11
Johnny Cueto
Sandy Alomar Jr. -- RTS 2/26/11
Brook Jacoby
Mark McGwire
Don Mattingly -- Returned SIGNED 10/3/11 - (WOW, didn't expect to ever see this again!)
Dave Righetti
Willie Randolph
Joe Girardi
Ozzie Guillen
Harold Baines

Will post results as they come in!

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