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Updated 6/15/2018


2016 Topps Archives



2016 Topps Gypsy Queen




Short Prints

Glove Stories

Power Alley

Walk-Off Winners

2017 Bowman Platinum Base
58 Yulieski Gurriel - Houston Astros RC
70 Jose Bautista - Toronto Blue Jays
Base Top Prospects
TP-AK Alex Kirilloff - Minnesota Twins
TP-AV Alex Verdugo - Los Angeles Dodgers
TP-BRO Brendan Rodgers - Colorado Rockies
TP-CQ Cal Quantrill - San Diego Padres
TP-GL Gavin Lux - Los Angeles Dodgers
TP-IA Ian Anderson - Atlanta Braves
TP-JJO Jahmai Jones - Los Angeles Angels
TP-JK James Kaprielian - New York Yankees
TP-KT Kyle Tucker - Houston Astros
TP-LAB Luis Alexander Basabe - Chicago White Sox
TP-MKO Michael Kopech - Chicago White Sox
TP-NW Nick Williams - Philadelphia Phillies
TP-TAC Taylor Clarke - Arizona Diamondbacks
TP-TF T.J. Friedl - Cincinnati Reds
TP-TJ Thomas Jones - Miami Marlins
TP-TM Triston McKenzie - Cleveland Indians
TP-VR Victor Robles - Washington Nationals
TP-ZC Zack Collins - Chicago White Sox

2018 Bowman Base


2018 Bowman Prospects


2018 Bowman #trending

2018 Bowman Birthday

2018 Bowman Scouts Top 100

2018 Bowman ROY Favorites

2018 Bowman Talent Pipeline

2018 Topps Baseball Series 1

Base needed:


5 Cards
345/350 - 99%

2018 Topps Opening Day


17 cards - 183/200 - 90%

2006-2007 Topps Basketball:
I need 14 out of the 33 Larry Bird card #33 variations.
Please send any pictures of them you have or comment and I will see if I need them or not.

2007-08 Bowman Basketball
112,116,118,121, 123,124,125,126,127,
128,129, 131,132,134,140,141, 143,144,

2007-08 Bowman Chrome Basketball
3,8,19,21,36,41, 48,84,92,104,
107, 112,113,121,122,123,124, 126,127,129,
132,133,134,136,138, 139,140,141,151,
152, 154,155,160

2008-09 Topps Chrome Basketball
 (Not a priority, since I never pulled the Westbrook when these came out...)
118,134,141,155,156,159, 161,167,
189, 191,195,197,200,201,202,206,208,

2013-14 Hoops Basketball




Action Shots 4, 6, 12, 25
Board Members 2
Courtside 3, 8, 17, 22, 24
Dreams 1, 3, 5, 15, 16
HoF Heroes 10, 16
Spark Plugs 4, 23

2013-14 Pinnacle Basketball



2014-15 Donruss Basketball


2016-17 Panini Excalibur 
Battlements 1,9,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,19,20,23,24,26,28,30

Jousting 3,7,12,16,27,29

Run The Gauntlet 2,4,5,13,15,17,18,19,20,21,23,24

Squire 2,3,4,6,12

2016-17 Panini Threads

123 Jahlil Okafor

Board Directors 1,2,3,9,13,15

Floor Generals 7,11,13,15

Front-Row Seat 4,5,7,9,16,19,22,25,26,29,30

Hardwood Pioneers 2,5,6,11,12,13,14

High Octane 1,2,3,4,6,7,10,12,13,15,16,18,20,22,23,24,25

2017-18 Panini Hoops

Base Needed:



Rookies Needed:

13 Cards - 287/300

2017-18 Panini Prestige



13 Cards - 187/200


2013 Topps Archives Football
122 Christian Ponder

Short Prints
201 Willie "Flipper" Anderson
202 Steve Bartkowski
205 Wayne Chrebet
206 Gary Clark
212 Merril Hoge
213 Haywood Jeffires
219 Ed McCaffrey
220 Stump Mitchell
221 Mercury Morris
223 Vince Papale
229 Eric Allen
230 William Andrews
231 Cornelius Bennett
232 Harold Carmichael
235 Seth Joyner
237 Chuck Muncie
240 Curt Warner

2014 Topps Fire
46 Russell Wilson
1 Cards
149/150 Set 99%

2016 Donruss Football
331 Mackensie Alexander - Minnesota Vikings

-- 300/300 -- 100% Base
-- 099/100 -- 99% Rookies
-- 399/400 -- 99% Total

1987 Classics - 2, 3, 6, 11, 12, 14, 15, 19
All Pros - 2, 5, 6, 11, 14, 16, 20
Fans of the Game - 2
Gridiron Kings - 4, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17-26, 28-40
League Leaders - 1, 3, 4, 7, 10, 15, 16, 18
Legends of the Fall - 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19
Peyton Manning Top Targets -  8, 9
Peyton Manning the Sheriff - 2, 9, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17
Production Line Hits - 1, 10
Production Line Touchdowns - 4, 6, 7, 11
Production Line Yards - 9, 11


2016 Nascar Prizm

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Retail Review - Retro - 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball Blaster x2

2010 Topps Chrome Baseball Blaster x 2

8 Packs Each - $11.98 Each

(Click images for larger)

I'll list both boxes together for convenience.


Notable Base Cards:
165 Derek Jeter

Rookies: 13
172 Bryan Anderson
173 Jon Link
180 Jason Donald
184 Ike Davis
185 Andrew Cashner
189 Wilson Ramos
193 Lance Zawadzki
195 Starlin Castro
198 Carlos Santana
206 Mike McCoy
212 Stephen Strasburg
213 Jake Arrieta
216 Drew Storen

Refractors : 6
1:3 Packs

70 Max Scherzer
78 Placido Polanco
83 Orlando Hudson
105 Mike Pelfrey
144 Alex Rodriguez
144 Alex Rodriguez

X-Fractors: 4
1:3 Packs

23 Nick Swisher
125 Jon Lester
132 Michael Cuddyer
166 Mike Napoli

Refractors Purple: 1
1:12 Packs

82 Lyle Overbay /599

Refractors Blue: 1
1:191 Packs

47 Rich Harden /199

Design: 4/5
Topps almost never goes wrong with the main set's card design. This was the first year Topps had exclusive rights to the MLB license so they displayed large team logos in the corners of the cards. The only problem I have is that some of the text on the back of the cards blends in with the backgrounds.

Set Building: 5/5
Chrome is always a great set to put together. The only real difficulty would be the maximum 3 base cards per pack you get.

Rookies: 3/5
Decent rookies pulled from these blasters, I usually see refractors of rookies but not this time. The Strasburg would have been much nicer in 2010!

Inserts: 3/5
Refractors only this time. I like the finish on the refractors though, they even scan well! X-Fractors are retail exclusive like previous years. The blue refractor was a tough pull and I wish it was a Yankee for my personal collection. There are apparently Chicle inserts, the pack says 1:81 packs to pull one.

Autos/Relics: 1/5
Didn't get any. Odds on the pack are 1:171 packs so its a pretty tough pull. Rookie autographs only.

Value: 16/25
Had fun opening these. The refractors are always great to pull from a pack and look at. Liked pulling the Strasburg and the two A-Rod refractors. Also needed the Jeter for my personal collection!

Retail Review - 2011 Press Pass Legends Football Blaster Box

2011 Press Pass Legends Football Blaster Box

3 Packs - $19.99


Base Rookies + Legends
1 Blaine Gabbert
8 Tyrod Taylor
18 Stevan Ridley
27 Julio Jones
28 Torrey Smith
29 Greg Little
38 Dane Sanzenbacher
42 Luke Stocker
43 DJ Williams
45 Aldon Smith
87 Mike Rozier 1981-1983
89 Dick LeBeau 1956-1958

Bronze Foil Parallel

42 Luke Stocker /250

Past & Present
1:14 Packs

PP9 Warren Sapp/Nick Farley

Saturday Signatures
LS Luke Stocker

Design: 2/5
You know it's not too bad, but I have to knock off a point for having no team logos, city names, or anything! The air brushed helmets and jerseys are pretty ugly. It's too bad because I like the gloss finish in the middle of the card and the foil design.

Set Building: 3/5
Seems like a small set, 90 or 100 cards. You'd have to buy alot of boxes to put one together though, and only if you are a fan of college football and don't care about the missing team logos and names.

Rookies: 5/5
Pretty much all you get in this product except for a few legends cards.

Inserts: 3/5
Each blaster seems to have one #'ed card, and one insert. It could definitely be worse.

Autos/Relics: 4/5
Relics are pretty hard to get, 1:9 packs, I didn't pull one so I can't comment. On the other hand, you'll find an autograph in the other 8:9 packs. For the price, it's not too bad. Sage seems to give you one more autograph per box, but with lower quality players and on sticker autographs. I'd take an on card auto any day over a sticker!

Value: 17/25
This was a short break, but its nice to get the guaranteed auto. I really don't care for the base cards, its too obvious that they are missing the team licenses. A different picture on the auto card would have been nice too, kind of lazy of them! Wish I was a Luke Stocker fan, 3 cards in this box where his!

Retail Review - Retro - 2009 Topps Chrome Baseball Blaster Box

2009 Topps Chrome Baseball Blaster Box

8 Packs - $11.98

(click images for larger)

Base Card Design Front and Back

Rookies: 7
180 Phil Coke
181 Jordan Schafer
182 Joe Martinez
183 Trevor Crowe
184 Shairon Martis
200 Rick Porcello
204 Jason Jaramillo

World Baseball Classic Stars: 2
1:4 Packs

W14 Luis Durango
W88 Tai-Chi Kuo

Refractors: 1
1:3 Packs

182 Joe Martinez RC

X-Fractors: 3
1:3 Packs

80 Carlos Zambrano
94 Joe Mauer
191 Ryan Perry RC

Gold Refractors: 1
1:98 Packs

141 Kenji Johjima /50

Design: 5/5
I'm a fan of the 2009 Topps design. It's a clean design with lots of diagonal lines but doesn't get too crazy like recent Panini designs. Lots of information is included on the backs too.

Set Building: 5/5
Topps Chrome is always a decent set to put together. No short prints to search after in the set, and it's a pretty low numbered (although you'd only get 2-4 base cards per pack.)

Rookies: 4/5
I pulled lots of rookies, at least one per pack counting parallels.

Inserts: 3/5
I don't care much for the WBC inserts, and there seems to be alot of them in the set. You can't go wrong with refractors though, and the XFractors are retail exclusive I believe. I got lucky and pulled a gold refractor, too bad it wasn't a Yankee!

Autos/Relics: 1/5
No relics, and autographs are inserted at an insane rate. Such is the fate of retail pack busters! The easiest autograph to pull is 1:308 packs. I can only give the score a 1 because of this.

Value: 18/25
It was a fun break, and I'm glad I got it 40% off. It's nice to get a 'hit' in every pack with a refractor or insert but I kind of miss the days when those where rare (and actually valuable).

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Retail Review - 2011 Topps Platinum Football

2011 Topps Platinum Football Blaster Box

8 Packs - $19.99

(click images for larger)

Notable Commons:
70 Tom Brady
74 Ben Roethlisberger
130 Drew Brees

Emerald Veteran Parallel, 1:10 Packs
60 Arian Foster

Gold Veteral Parallel, 1:24 Packs
(Thick Card Stock)
77 Thomas Jones

(Chrome Card Stock, Refractor Finish)
51 Jimmy Smith
91 Delone Carter
101 Vincent Brown
120 Mark Ingram
136 Ryan Mallett

Rookie XFractors, 1:4 Packs
7 Julio Jones
148 Greg Little

Rookie Gold Refractors, 1:365 Packs
50 Blaine Gabbert /50

Design: 4/5
Decent design on both the front and back of these cards. The front features an action shot of the player with a symmetrical curved design. Each card has a 'refractor' finish on the front also. The backs include last years stats as well as a text block describing something the player did that year. The design also mirrors the front's.

Set Building: 4/5
Not a bad product to put together as a set with a total of 150 cards and no short prints. But it would be difficult to get all of the rookies with only one per pack, or at least, you'd be left with alot of common veterans left over.

Rookies: 4/5
I'd say this is a pretty good set for pulling rookie cards. You get one per pack and they're printed on a nice chrome card stock with a refractor finish.

Inserts: 2/5
Only parallels here unfortunately. The XFractors look nice, but I don't care for the various multi colored cards. I also hate the uneccessary thick card stock cards like the gold veteran parallel. For some reason they didn't bother serial numbering them this year either. Such a waste. I was lucky enough to pull one low numbered rookie card (at insane odds) otherwise I'd be giving this a 1.

Autos/Relics: 2/5
I'll give it an average score because I didn't pull any. It seems like they could have inserted them at a better rate, but such is retail. They seem to only be seeded an average of 1/3 blasters and that's a little too hard of a pull for the price.

Value: 16/25
In conclusion this set has a nice design and could be built with a little bit of rookie trading or purchasing through online auctions. If you're looking for a nice hit though, skip it, you're much more likely to bust and walk away with a small handful of parallels.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oddball Winfield Cards - Part 1 - The Big Cards

Oddball Winfield Cards

Part 1 - The Big Cards

I'm finally setting aside some time to scan in my Winfield collection and figured I'd post some blog updates on some of the more interesting cards. I'd like to start out with the oddball cards I've come across. There are far more cards out there than what I am posting here, but I'm going to focus on stuff I actually have in my collection.

So lets start out with the larger cards. I love them and I hate them! On one hand its great to have a nice big print of my favorite player. But on the other hand, they don't fit in my binder with the other cards (stuff like '89 Bowman does but sticks out on the top) so I need to put them in a shoe box with the buttons and Starting Lineup figures (I'll get to those in a future update) and rarely get to view them.

For fun I'm going to post them in order of size from smallest to largest. Click on each picture for a larger (pun intended) image.

1989 Bowman #179
2 1/2" by 3 3/4"

The 1989 Bowman set, produced by Topps, contains 484 slightly over-sized cards. The cards were released in mid-season 1989 in wax, rack, cello and factory set formats. The fronts have white-bordered color photos with facsimile autographs and small Bowman logos. The backs feature charts detailing 1988 player performances vs. each team.

I don't remember these being very popular when they came out. But now I really enjoy the size of them. This one fits well with Winfield's stature. Not too many cards out there with a vertical design like this!

1994 Fleer Extra Bases #126
2 1/2" by 4 3/4"

Each pack of this 400 card set contained at least one insert card. Full-bleed fronts contain a large color photo with the player's name and Extra Bases logo at the bottom. The backs are also full-bleed with a large player photo and statistics.

This is about as tall as it gets when it comes to the smaller cards. I remember Fleer did a basketball and Spawn comics set at this size in 1994 also.

1988 Topps Big #24
2 5/8" by 3 3/4"

This set of 264 cards was issued as three separately distributed series of 88 cards each. Cards were distributed in wax packs with seven cards for a suggested retail of 40 cents. These cards are very reminiscent in style of the 1956 Topps card set.

Strange choice for Winfield's portrait here! What's he looking at?

1989 Topps Big #314
2 1/2" by 3 3/4"

The 1989 Topps Big Baseball set contains 330 glossy cards.. The fronts feature mug shots superimposed on action photos. The horizontally oriented backs have color cartoons and statistics for the player's previous season and total career. The set was released in three series of 110 cards.

1990 Topps Big #20
2 5/8" by 3 3/4"

The 1990 Topps Big set contains 330 cards. In 1989 Topps had issued two oversize sets (Bigs and Bowmans), but in 1990 only the Topps Big were issued by Topps as an oversize set. The set was issued in three series of 110 cards. Some dealers believe the third series was distributed in far less quantity than the first two series

1983 Donruss Action All-Stars #36
3 1/2" by 5"

The 1983 Action All-Stars series depicts 60 major leaguers in a distinctive new style. A 63-piece Mickey Mantle puzzle (three pieces on one card per pack) was marketed as an insert premium.

I remember finding these packs at a local flea market and searching for the Winfield through the wrapper.

1985 Topps 3D #18
4 1/4" by 5 7/8"

This innovative 30-card set was issued in packs of one. These large cards are very difficult to store (due to the 3-D effect) as they are not really stackable and are crumpled if placed in an album using plastic sheets. The cards are blank-backed except for two covered adhesive strips. Cards are numbered on the front and feature a prominent team logo on the front as well.

This one stands out in my collection (and not just because it's embossed!). Unfortunately I haven't been able to think of a good way to encase it yet. 3D may be 'in' right now but I doubt we'll ever see embossed cards like this again!

1994 Donruss Diamond Kings Jumbo #29
3" by 5"

These cards were issued one per retail box. The cards are serially numbered to 10,000 and are just a jumbo parallel version of the regular Diamond Kings.

I actually really like this one. These paintings are always best when viewed in a larger size.

1985 Topps Super #60
4 7/8" by 6 7/8" This 60-card set was issued in packs of three. The fronts of the cards are merely a blow-up of the Topps regular issue. In fact, the cards differ from the corresponding cards of the regular set in size and number only. As one would expect, only those considered stars and superstars appear in this set. Backs are green with maroon printing.

This is the biggest one I have! It's neat to see the 1985 Topps card blown up because you can finally make out where the bat is. :)