Monday, January 16, 2012

Retail Review - 2011-12 Upper Deck Series 1 Tin

2011-12 Upper Deck Series 1 Retail Tin

Notable Commons:

11 Michal Neuvirth $1.00
15 Roberto Luongo $1.00
26 Steven Stamkos $1.25
80 John Tavares $1.25
99 Carey Price $1.00
126 Taylor Hall $1.25
160 Jonathan Toews $1.00

Young Guns: 3, 1:6 Packs

203 Greg Nemisz $6.00
207 Brandon Saad $6.00
243 Matt Frattin $12.00

EA Sports Ultimate Team: 2, 1:8 Packs
EA5 Jonathan Toews $5.00
EA12 Dion Phaneuf $3.00

All-World Team: 1, 1:12 Packs
AW23 Patrick Kane $5.00

UD Canvas: 2, 1:6 Packs
C45 Tomas Pickanec $2.50
C80 Roberto Luongo $4.00

Hockey Heroes: 1, 1:12 Packs
HH3 Andy Bathgate $2.50

Winter Classic Oversized: 1 Per Tin
WC8 Semyon Carlamov $4.00

Design: 4/5
Pros: Nice clean design with a different face shot on the back and full stats.
Cons: Some of the photos are pretty boring and the silver foil names over white background, while hockey themed, is hard to read.

Set Building: 4/5
Pros: 200 base cards, 50 rookies! Young Guns tend to hold alot of value with collectors.
Cons: The rookies are short printed as they usually are with UD. Thankfully there are no -super shortprints- like with Pinnacle. That value the cards hold will mean lots of $$$ spent finishing your set.

Rookies: 5/5
Pros: 3 Young Guns per tin is pretty decent and they hold alot of value.
Cons: With 50 of them to collect, you'll be spending alot on the secondary market.

Inserts: 4/5
Pros: They have a pretty good variation this year. I really like the Hockey Heroes and the Canvas cards. Whatever they're using for an art filter looks great! The over-sized card looks amazing also.
Cons: EA Sports ads on my cards.

Autos/Relics: 1/5
Pros: None.
Cons: 1:24 Packs for a Jersey, no autos at all inserted. Pretty ugly.

Value: 18/25
I was really impressed when I opened the tin. The first thing you see is the oversized card in plastic. When you take the card out, the packs are inserted into a plastic tray. It really made me feel like I was opening a 'box' and gave alot of value to the pack ripping experience.

I'm a big fan of Young Guns and they where smart enough to put 3 per tin. Just the right number. However I would me much more happy if you got a jersey per tin, especially since there is no chance for an autograph! I might pick up another tin, but I'd really want to hit a jersey or one of the canvas Young Guns next time!

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