Thursday, September 8, 2011

Retail Review - 2011 Topps Platinum Football

2011 Topps Platinum Football Blaster Box

8 Packs - $19.99

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Notable Commons:
70 Tom Brady
74 Ben Roethlisberger
130 Drew Brees

Emerald Veteran Parallel, 1:10 Packs
60 Arian Foster

Gold Veteral Parallel, 1:24 Packs
(Thick Card Stock)
77 Thomas Jones

(Chrome Card Stock, Refractor Finish)
51 Jimmy Smith
91 Delone Carter
101 Vincent Brown
120 Mark Ingram
136 Ryan Mallett

Rookie XFractors, 1:4 Packs
7 Julio Jones
148 Greg Little

Rookie Gold Refractors, 1:365 Packs
50 Blaine Gabbert /50

Design: 4/5
Decent design on both the front and back of these cards. The front features an action shot of the player with a symmetrical curved design. Each card has a 'refractor' finish on the front also. The backs include last years stats as well as a text block describing something the player did that year. The design also mirrors the front's.

Set Building: 4/5
Not a bad product to put together as a set with a total of 150 cards and no short prints. But it would be difficult to get all of the rookies with only one per pack, or at least, you'd be left with alot of common veterans left over.

Rookies: 4/5
I'd say this is a pretty good set for pulling rookie cards. You get one per pack and they're printed on a nice chrome card stock with a refractor finish.

Inserts: 2/5
Only parallels here unfortunately. The XFractors look nice, but I don't care for the various multi colored cards. I also hate the uneccessary thick card stock cards like the gold veteran parallel. For some reason they didn't bother serial numbering them this year either. Such a waste. I was lucky enough to pull one low numbered rookie card (at insane odds) otherwise I'd be giving this a 1.

Autos/Relics: 2/5
I'll give it an average score because I didn't pull any. It seems like they could have inserted them at a better rate, but such is retail. They seem to only be seeded an average of 1/3 blasters and that's a little too hard of a pull for the price.

Value: 16/25
In conclusion this set has a nice design and could be built with a little bit of rookie trading or purchasing through online auctions. If you're looking for a nice hit though, skip it, you're much more likely to bust and walk away with a small handful of parallels.

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