Saturday, October 1, 2011

Retail Review - Retro - 2009 Topps Chrome Baseball Blaster Box

2009 Topps Chrome Baseball Blaster Box

8 Packs - $11.98

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Base Card Design Front and Back

Rookies: 7
180 Phil Coke
181 Jordan Schafer
182 Joe Martinez
183 Trevor Crowe
184 Shairon Martis
200 Rick Porcello
204 Jason Jaramillo

World Baseball Classic Stars: 2
1:4 Packs

W14 Luis Durango
W88 Tai-Chi Kuo

Refractors: 1
1:3 Packs

182 Joe Martinez RC

X-Fractors: 3
1:3 Packs

80 Carlos Zambrano
94 Joe Mauer
191 Ryan Perry RC

Gold Refractors: 1
1:98 Packs

141 Kenji Johjima /50

Design: 5/5
I'm a fan of the 2009 Topps design. It's a clean design with lots of diagonal lines but doesn't get too crazy like recent Panini designs. Lots of information is included on the backs too.

Set Building: 5/5
Topps Chrome is always a decent set to put together. No short prints to search after in the set, and it's a pretty low numbered (although you'd only get 2-4 base cards per pack.)

Rookies: 4/5
I pulled lots of rookies, at least one per pack counting parallels.

Inserts: 3/5
I don't care much for the WBC inserts, and there seems to be alot of them in the set. You can't go wrong with refractors though, and the XFractors are retail exclusive I believe. I got lucky and pulled a gold refractor, too bad it wasn't a Yankee!

Autos/Relics: 1/5
No relics, and autographs are inserted at an insane rate. Such is the fate of retail pack busters! The easiest autograph to pull is 1:308 packs. I can only give the score a 1 because of this.

Value: 18/25
It was a fun break, and I'm glad I got it 40% off. It's nice to get a 'hit' in every pack with a refractor or insert but I kind of miss the days when those where rare (and actually valuable).

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