Saturday, October 1, 2011

Retail Review - Retro - 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball Blaster x2

2010 Topps Chrome Baseball Blaster x 2

8 Packs Each - $11.98 Each

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I'll list both boxes together for convenience.


Notable Base Cards:
165 Derek Jeter

Rookies: 13
172 Bryan Anderson
173 Jon Link
180 Jason Donald
184 Ike Davis
185 Andrew Cashner
189 Wilson Ramos
193 Lance Zawadzki
195 Starlin Castro
198 Carlos Santana
206 Mike McCoy
212 Stephen Strasburg
213 Jake Arrieta
216 Drew Storen

Refractors : 6
1:3 Packs

70 Max Scherzer
78 Placido Polanco
83 Orlando Hudson
105 Mike Pelfrey
144 Alex Rodriguez
144 Alex Rodriguez

X-Fractors: 4
1:3 Packs

23 Nick Swisher
125 Jon Lester
132 Michael Cuddyer
166 Mike Napoli

Refractors Purple: 1
1:12 Packs

82 Lyle Overbay /599

Refractors Blue: 1
1:191 Packs

47 Rich Harden /199

Design: 4/5
Topps almost never goes wrong with the main set's card design. This was the first year Topps had exclusive rights to the MLB license so they displayed large team logos in the corners of the cards. The only problem I have is that some of the text on the back of the cards blends in with the backgrounds.

Set Building: 5/5
Chrome is always a great set to put together. The only real difficulty would be the maximum 3 base cards per pack you get.

Rookies: 3/5
Decent rookies pulled from these blasters, I usually see refractors of rookies but not this time. The Strasburg would have been much nicer in 2010!

Inserts: 3/5
Refractors only this time. I like the finish on the refractors though, they even scan well! X-Fractors are retail exclusive like previous years. The blue refractor was a tough pull and I wish it was a Yankee for my personal collection. There are apparently Chicle inserts, the pack says 1:81 packs to pull one.

Autos/Relics: 1/5
Didn't get any. Odds on the pack are 1:171 packs so its a pretty tough pull. Rookie autographs only.

Value: 16/25
Had fun opening these. The refractors are always great to pull from a pack and look at. Liked pulling the Strasburg and the two A-Rod refractors. Also needed the Jeter for my personal collection!

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